Still Waiting

So, I know I mentioned that Darin was interviewing for a job near Denver, Colorado.

Well, as far as we know the job is his. Of course there had to be some complication.

Shortly after Darin left for the airport to come home, the chef resigned.

Yep. Put his two-weeks in.

So now we are waiting.

The good news is that they already have transferred someone from another location and they are starting work on Monday. The bad new is that Darin may need to go back up to interview with the new chef. We are really hoping that since the Corporate Chef likes him, they will still go ahead and offer the job to Darin as planned.

So, here's the thing.

We need all the positive thoughts my readers can muster. I know a few of y'all pray as well ... so please say a prayer or two for us. It's time we caught a break and this would be a good one.

Thanks, y'all!

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Sending POSITIVE thoughts your way ... here is hoping and my fingers are crossed!! Hugs from MN!