Doctors, Patches and Humidity

I'm sure y'all are ready for an update on what's been going on in my world.

You might remember I mentioned that I am going back on an old medication.

And I have.

One thing I did NOT miss about this medication is that it comes only in patch form. With the humidity as it is down here, the patches don't stay on very well.

It took a long two minutes for it to fall off.

So, out came the bandages.

And they didn't want to stay on either.

So now I have like 4 bandages holding this thing on for dear life. I already know the skin will be irritated because it itches like crazy but I'm being good and not messing with it. Tomorrow, I will have some medical tape to hold it on. Let's hope that is enough to hold it on.

My second doctor experience this week was with my pulmonologist. After a 2-hour wait, I finally got to the back and found out that the results of my methocholene test (from a couple MONTHS ago) were negative. That means I never had asthma even though my pediatrician had deemed me asthmatic. So, that went misdiagnosed for 25+ years.

I will be starting a medicated nasal spray to try to clear out my congested sinuses and if that doesn't work, I will go on another medication. Also, I will be undergoing a sleep study in the near future. Cant wait for that. Can you sense the excitement I have about this? ha.

Lastly, the weather is kicking my butt. Yes, I have been here for 10 years and I am used to the weather. Unfortunately, the medication I have been on makes me more susceptible to the heat and the A/C in this room just isn't cutting it. The humidity is so bad today that I had to cool off the main part of the house, which we normally do not do. Fun.

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I have troubles too when I got back to states with humidity. It seems to make all conditions worse.