Wax On, Wax Off

There are many things I would do for charity.

I don't think body waxing is one of those things.

Apparently there are others willing to do the deed, though.

An "intimate beauty waxing" benefit took place in a London pub to support a local hospital. The gentlemen participating each offered to have their chests waxed. In turn, patrons would bid to pull the strips off the men.

One guy went a bit further than the rest.

As they say on Sex & The City, he went for the "Brazilian".

And paid the price.

Apparently, one of the strips got caught on his testicle and when a buddy gave it a big tug, 6 of the 7 layers of skin came with it.

[pause for the guys to cross their legs]

"People were bidding quite a lot to have a rip. I was laughing but I did feel quite sorry for him, especially as we had a disco later on and he couldn't walk."

Nice to know these guys have their priorities straight.

Bet he will think twice next time before volunteering for charity benefits!

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why on earth would one want to remove hair?
dear me.

I'm with you on the hair thing lol

jack dontazz2003  

ouch ! I bet your right unless he likes pain the as soon as the next one he will be there. LOL