Holy Cow!

I just realized that I have not written anything on here in almost 3 weeks!

Why didn't someone tell me?

A few things have gone on since I last posted ...

All my heart tests (labs, EKG, ultrasound) all came back normal. I was shocked that even my cholesterol came back fine. In my family, that's a rarity. Now just to get the rhythm thing under control and we'll be good.

On the sleeping front, I just spoke to the company today who will be providing my CPAP machine. I finally will be fitted for the machine on Monday morning. Hopefully I will be able to say I had a great night's sleep on Tuesday.

That's all that's going on right now.

Oh, one more thing .... keep us in your thoughts. We could be making a big move in the near future or it could just go on the wayside like so many other opportunities have. It's time for some good news.

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