Big, Big News!

It has finally happened.

Darin got a new job!

That means a major change in our lives.

After working two more weeks here, Darin will go up to Denver, CO, for 6 weeks to work. They are giving him a signing bonus that we will use to rent a house and he'll have a couple paychecks to fund our move up north. Fortunately, they will be reimbursing our moving costs as well.

Yep, a lonely 6 weeks for me! Just me and the dogs.

Fortunately I have his family around to come look in on me and to make sure I get to my doctor appointments.

So, it's off to the mountains of Colorado for us!

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they have lovely mountains and brilliant snows.

Congrats!! Here's to a new beginning! Best of luck with everything, keep us posted. :-)

I think you will love it once you get use to no humidity, minimal mosquitoes, ...

I am sooooo looking forward to the drop in humidity ;)