Bonnie Who?

We got a lot of anxiety from the prospect of TS Bonnie dumping rain on us and we got NOTHING!

The folks over in New Orleans got a couple hours of rain early, early this morning but the most we had here was some thunder and lightning around 4am.

That's when Dakota woke me up trying to get under my bed.

[Imagine an 85lb golden trying to squeeze her ass under my bed]

Fortunately, I got back to sleep with no trouble and didn't wake again until after 9 this morning.

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Jack seaman  

Glad it was not too bad( the storm) yea I can see that LOL I have had up to 8 dogs at one time all different sizes, so yea I can see that since we treat ours like our kids. Except they never leave home but it hurts when we lose them we are now down to 5 dogs 2 birds and 10 wild cats. Told the wife we might have to catch them to take them with us if we leave LOL