Good News

Well, I got some great news today at my cardiologist appointment.

First off, they weigh me and it seems I have lost 13 pounds.

Already it was a great doctor's appointment.

Then, the doctor tells me that my halter monitor was perfect - Not one single pause in my sinus rhythm! That's a huge change from last time when I had over 150 pauses. That means I do NOT have to have the pacemaker put in. Best news I could have gotten.

Now I should be excited about this, but I'm not.

For some reason I still cannot get my brain to make my body feel excited. This has been going on for awhile and I was hoping the Prozac would help but so far, nothing. Hopefully a higher dose will do the trick.

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Try writing a haiku about it. No, really.


while my wife was gone I did not feel happy and i had real bad aniety (miss spell sorry) attacks now that she is back I feel better.

YEA! Great news from the Dr for a change...

Hey how is the CPAP working for you? Got my machine on Tuesday. Friday nite was first nite I felt it did some good. I was looking forward to Sat. nite, but I felt like it was suffocating me... sucking the air out instead of blowing in... i fought it all nite. have you experienced that?

Does yours have a button that slows it down and has it gradually get up to the # it is set at? Mine is a 13 but it drops it down and then gradually gets to your # so it's easier to deal with. Otherwise, you get what you're describing.

As for it helping, I find it's allowing me to sleep more soundly. I'm not waking up as much and im definitely sleeping and not just lightly resting.