Well, I have good news.

Nice change, eh?

I found a therapy pool. The best part about it is that it is 1 minute from our house down the street. If you're in Denver, it's at the Easter Seals Colorado facility in Lakewood.

Yesterday I had my first therapy session in almost two years and boy am I sore from it. I did an hour or so of light cardio then rested for a bit and took a class where we did cardio, weights (I had to use 1lb weights unfortunately) and stretching.

I have also begun a diet.

Well, I'm trying to.

I have begun eating my salads with tuna (for protein) again and yesterday I found a deal at King Soopers for $1.65 lean cuisine meals.

Now I just have to avoid the ice cream and potato chips!

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Lisa Wimberly  

Hi Dave..I'm glad you found a place to do water therapy and that it's so close to where you live.I had it several years ago for my back and it helped.Good luck on your diet,sounds like you have a plan and are off to a good start.You can send me your icecream and chips...LOL. I need to be on a diet too!

hey David

I understand the diet part I was on one my sister came up cause I had my chest surgery and there went the diet trying to get back on it again might have it now we will dee it sure is hard. I am also going to look in to water therapy too as soon as they say I can get in the water. But I am here in washington so too far for our place LOL