Life Turned Upside-Down

Well, life has dealt our family another blow. A few months ago, my disability company decided to screw me over. Now my partner's employer has screwed him over. After being told repeatedly that his job was safe, he was let go yesterday. Just when things seemed to be looking up for us, this had to happen. I wish people would just be honest. Had they been honest with him, he could have been more prepared.

Fortunately for us, his old boss started a new job in Pennsylvania a few months ago. Why good for us? Part of his job is to bring in a new team of chefs, etc, to run the culinary department at a resort. We knew in a couple months we would probably be moving so Darin could take a director job there. After they heard what happened yesterday, they moved quickly and before the afternoon was over, Darin was promised a job. Not only that but they will provide us housing in a condo on site through the winter season! (Now we just have to convince them to let us bring our pets!)

Since I was going to NY on Monday anyways, I will get to spend an extra week with my grandmother and then take the train to Pittsburgh. The resort wants him there by the end of December - so money won't be as tight as we thought it would be. Not having to pay rent for a couple months will allow us to save up as well which helps ease my mind a great deal. My biggest worry at this point is finding a new doctor in time before my medication runs out. Fortunately I have until the middle of January before that happens.

So please - send a few prayers up for us as we begin this transition. Also - Darin has never had to deal with winter - please pray for his driving abilities. ha!

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Imma slow but ur in my prayers always hun xoxoxo ME LIFE

Doors don't always slam shut, sometimes they open wide. Sorry, but congrats at the same time.