Today I read another highly disturbing news item ...

A woman in Gardner, MA was arrested today for allegedly stabbing her 2-year-old daughter over 100 times with a pair of scissors. She also used the electrical cord from a hair dryer to try to strangle the child.

Apparently this woman thinks that there is a cult stalking her. On the 911 call, she could be overheard saying, "die! die!" and "kill, kill. I have to kill you. die, die, die!" The call was placed by a security guard who, with the help of two residents, managed to separate the woman from her child just before the police arrived.

According to sources, the woman suffered from depression and paranoia and may have stopped taking her medication.

Thankfully, the child is expected to survive the attack.

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If we would just start punishing people with the same torture they carry out on children, a lot of this crap would stop. Maybe bring back public hangings. I dunno, I'm just so sick of things like this going on each day. People are sick, sick, sick...

They need to start doing psych evaluations on any woman wanting to have children...if you don't pass, you lose your uterus. They can start with the Octo-Mom.

lol donna

I agree Mama ... too many think they can do whatever they want to their kids.

Hearing stories like this just makes me even more infuriated that I have infertility issues... I deserve a child a hell of a lot more than these psychopaths... Grrr!

This is horrible! I've said for a long time that I want to be in charge of who gets to have children and pets.