Another New Favorite

Not long ago I told you about a new ice cream flavor that I had discovered. Well, I found another one! Apparently, it's a regional flavor and I'm soooo glad it's in our region! If you like blueberry pie and ice cream, you're gonna love this. It's called "Delta Blues" and is creamy ice cream with blueberries, blueberry sauce and blueberry pie crust pieces. YUM!

If you have Blue Bell available at your grocer, look for this flavor. It's worth a try!

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I don't think we have that up in my neck of the woods, but it sounds DE-LIGHTFUL!
I'm going to have to keep my eye out for it...or a reasonable facsimile. :-)

I wish y'all did cuz it's awesome. I've always loved Blueberry milkshakes and this is close enough lol


I'll have to check the Supermarket ...I hope we have it here! YUMMY!!!