Ever Felt Like This?

Last night I had probably the worst "depression" night I've had in a long time.

Trust me, I've had some doozies too.

Have you ever just laid there thinking of the possible things you could do and not be motivated to doing any of them? And to top it off, I thought about doing NOTHING and wasn't even motivated to do that!

Fortunately, in a week-and-a-half I will be going on Zoloft. I'm thinking possibly of asking to get something for anxiety as well. Anyone know much about Xanax or another one?

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I am on Xanax and a drug call Buspar... buspar is an anxiety drug i take daily... i take the xanax when i need a quick calm down and not on a daily basis (usually when flying or have a big meeting)...ask your doctor about Buspar...


I take Xanax every day and it helps me a LOT. I also have Atarax to take when I have a panic attack coming on. Attarax is fast and short acting. Good luck and I'm keepiing u in my prayers...as always.