Good News, For A Change

So, I've been throwing a lot of not-so-great news at y'all. I thought it was finally time to post something good. Well, I finally have something good to post.

Suspense killing you yet?

How about now?

I'm really gonna say it this time.

Gotcha that time, huh?

Okay, enough of that. I'm just gonna spit it out.

After 3 years of fighting ... my disability has been APPROVED! I got the letter the day before Thanksgiving telling me that the judge had ruled 100% in my favor. So, I should get 29 months of back-pay plus 6 months of reimbursements for medical expenses. Also, I'll get medicare and will be eligible for medicaid. Great Thanksgiving/Christmas gift, huh?

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Hey thats great! Every bit helps!!

-- Freesia

Hey what happened i THOUGHT i had an account for this blog!

Good things come to those who wait!!! :-)

I am a new kid on your block. Glad you got some good news. Will have to catch up on the rest of you story