Christmas, Friends and Medication

First off, Darin & I would like to wish all my readers a Happy Christmas and a fun, safe New Year's.

Christmas was a good one in our house this year. Last year, Darin had lost his job and I had no income and we were forced to move back to Louisiana. So you can imagine that just about anything would be better this year. I got my back pay so we were able to make up some for the past year.

Darin has really come a long way from that first year when he gave me a Dawn Dish Brush. No really, he thought that was a good gift. As he said, "it moves." This year, he surprised me in a good way with a Blu-Ray player and the Harry Potter : HBP blu-ray. He got a Cuisinart Food Processor, so you know he was in heaven. We also spent Christmas day with Darin's family. I'm sure my Meme would be so happy to know that they took very good care of me this year for her.

As you can imagine, its been tough on me. Dealing with her passing, my issues, my past and my current state of depression has taken a toll on me. At least I finally have people around me who care about me unconditionally. I'm sure this might upset some people to read that but it's how I feel.

Yesterday, we got to spend time with our friends Chris and Jason, who are visiting from Philadelphia. They have lots of people to visit with, but it was nice that they were able to meet us for lunch. Here they are at Chili's:

Don't they just look too cute together? I also took another photo during lunch. Those of y'all who are up on your gay-speak will understand why this is so funny. I know Jason did!

(I am sooooo waiting for comments on this one! Yes, I mean my gays! Well, and Karen. ha!)

Now, you've gotten the low-down on my holiday weekend. I know some are wondering how I am feeling.

Well, I wish I could say I felt great.

Or even good.

I'd settle for just 'ok'.

I've been going through the motions so that those around me won't worry about me any more than they already do. Of course, this is tiring. This is how I know that the meds need to get changed tomorrow when I see my psychiatric nurse practitioner. That and I really hope I get some kind of anxiety medication. Maybe then the 'good' feeling won't have to be faked quite so much.

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I am so glad things were better for you and Darin this year. These days holidays don't mean much to me so it's good to know that you were able to have a good time, you deserve it. Your friends are just adorable, they look like a sweet couple. As far as the "Oldtimer" goes, the bigger the mouth, the more that needs to fit in it ;)..well, you know...ha ha ha. Keep me updated Dave, you know I care and want to know how things are going....Love and Hugs...Karen