How I'm Doing ...

This week I had my 3-month check-in with my pain specialist. Unfortunately, she is out on leave and I had to see the Nurse Practitioner, but that's okay. She's actually really good at what she does. I just wish that it hadn't taken so long.

Don't they realize that people in pain can't afford to wait an hour to be seen? It's hard enough just getting there, let alone lasting that kind of wait. Plus, it takes an hour just to get to the doctor's office. So, ouch.

That aside, I'm glad that the NP is a good listener. The medication I am on now only really helps me 50% or so. I'm not looking for 100% help ... that would be impossible and not what pain management is. Well, my medication is changing again. We talked about going back on a medication I was on before that actually worked the best but was super expensive. Now that I have Medicare Part-D, I can easily afford it. Thank goodness for that!

So, I have two weeks of weaning off one of my current meds and then I start on a low dose of the new med. Sounds like fun, eh? I can't wait for the two weeks to be over!

Hopefully in a month I will be able to do a lot more and will finally stop gaining weight from being bed-bound. We'll see.

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