Rough Week

Well, folks ... I got some not-so-great news this week.

Crystal didn't win American Idol.

Ok, just kidding. I am sad she didn't win but I knew Lee was going to get the tween vote.

Back to me.

As you know, I had the sleep study done. Turns out I do have apnea. But that's not the news I am most worried about.

I saw the cardiologist on Tuesday and it turns out that the halter monitor showed not only one pause but many. I also found out that there were many pauses during the sleep study as well as the 5-second one I knew about.

So, tomorrow night I go back for the CPAP-titration so that a machine can be ordered for me. Thank goodness for Medicare and Medicaid!

So you're probably wondering what the news is, huh?

The news is that if the CPAP doesn't correct this problem with my heart while I am sleeping, I will need a pacemaker put in. That's not something I really want to think about. In fact, I am not thinking about it because we do not know that I need one yet. I figured that will be the easiest way to deal with the subject.

So, I have a lot on my plate. Anyone wanna trade?

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