What's Up?

It has been a week since my last post, I know. Mostly, it is because I really didn't have anything to say.

Now I do.

Did you miss me?

Last night I had my first sleep study. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Sure, the wires and all were a bit uncomfortable and so was the bed, but I got through it.

Until they woke me up.

That was when they informed me that I wasn't going home yet. I got a trip to the ER instead.

It seems that around 4am I had a 4-second pause in my sinus rhythm and that worried the test people. So, I got to spend about 4 hours in the ER instead of going to my doctor's appointment. So, it was EKGs, blood work and x-rays for me. All were good, so off we went to the cardiologist's office across the street. Now I am wearing a very fashionable halter heart monitor for 24 hours. Hopefully, all is good.

So that was my exciting night/morning. I know you're jealous now.

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dammit! you always have all the fun!

Oh yeah ... I can't do anything the easy way. That's the 2nd time a clinic has sent me to the ER and I was fine lol ...

I also got the call from the lab that I do indeed have apnea ... so I get to go back for another study. Lucky me!


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I hope it was just a 'we see something odd, so let's cover ourselves and assume the worst'. This happens in Medicine all the time.

I bet they just wanted to show up with their new equipment ;). Good luck!